Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Tuesday After Training Camp

Sometimes, reworking a classic is better than trying over again...so without further ado...

'Twas the Tuesday post Training Camp when not too far up North
This little Vikes fan was working, or so I tell myself

My pennants were hung in my cube with care,
In hopes that stupid Saint’s loss would soon disappear.

My veterans were hanging on a wish and a prayer,
In hopes that Sage as QB would soon disappear. 

The migranes were vanished all gone from his head
And Percy’s great promise seem rose from the dead.

While Longwell with Allen (and yes, I’d tap that),
Had boarded a plane before the 1st season’s snap.

When out on the Twitter there rose such a clatter.
This little Vikes fan sprang from a meeting to see what was the matter.

Away toward the interwebs I typed in a flash
Tore open the live stream and threw out a laugh.

When, what to my stalking eyes did appear?
But another lush Cessna with secret cargo in the rear!

“It’s just a sore ankle, one more season. No regret!”

And I knew in a moment it was my St. Brett.

More rabid than Cheeseheads his critics they came,
And he whistled, and shouted and called them by name:

“Down Romo! Down Cutler! Down Stafford and Rodgers!”
Down Cassell! Down Brady! Down Manning and Sanchez!

To the top of the North. To the top of you all!
My name’s Brett and I’m gonna play!
I’m gonna play!
Gonna play ya’ll!”

And now to the 9th our focus must go.
That rematch,
The penance,
 The burn of that last play.

Except this time:
He’ll snap up the ball and then turn around
And straight down the left side
St. Brett will drop a bomb.

He’ll speak not a word, but cut straight to the right
A 90-degree angle,
To drill Sydney Rice with the pass of an angel.

Then, laying his finger alongside the laces,
He’ll give a nod as toward the end zone he paces…
“One more season you cynics. On toward Dallas. Skol Vikes!”

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