Friday, July 16, 2010

An Open Letter to Brett as Training Camp Approachs.

What up Jam Master B?
Yeah. Maybe I shouldn’t call you that.

Anyway Brett – it’s been awhile.

And I know you’re relaxing, playing around after school with the high school boys. 

I get it Brett. I've been doing the same thing.

 But we’ve got some things to talk about

 It’s a sunny Friday morning here in Kansas City.

Yeah, that’s what I mean, we have to talk. You see I’m not in Minneapolis anymore, and that’s why you need to be.

It goes a little something like this -

Remember after you lost the Championship Game that one time last January. Yeah, well then I started this blog and was like going to model my life and my redemption and all this crap after you? I was going to really give another shot this year – you know the aging vet out to prove one last time – that if you just gave me the right shot I’d prove I’ve still got it.

Yeah. That.

Well I kind of did that.

Yup. Took a look around found my dream job – applied – interviewed got the gig and packed my crap and headed to a minor league town for my shot back to the majors.
I followed your lead B-Man – I lived the dream.

 Yeah. And here’s the thing…

If you don’t come back. I look like a horse’s ass.

And as my grandfather always said, “You know Sarah there are more asses than there are horses.”

Not the point.

The point is – Brett, rule number one in being a hero:
You can’t lead people up the mountain.
Get them believing in your shit.
You can’t get the movement started.
The blood rushing.
And then say you’re not in it anymore.

You just can’t do it.

So on this sunny Friday  morning, I’m in a new town, and still basking in the awesomeness of a week that was so amazing I couldn’t have made it up in the movie about my life if I tried to because people would say I was full of shit – and I’m ready to tackle this Brett! 

One more season.
One more time – the big leagues…
So what’d say Brett? You and me?
For the love of God and Purple and Gold and everything else, one more season.

Not for the Super Bowl. But for the story.

The world needs us Brett – let’s get out there and show ‘em it’s still ok to hope.

I beg you Brett, toss me a bone.

Pun intended,

Oh and p.s. We really have to get working on the commercials about these letters – iconic I’m telling you.
Love, Sarah

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