Monday, January 25, 2010

An Open Letter to #4

Dear Mr. Favre,

You don't know me. Well I mean unless you count that whole "Tap That" award, but I don't, so you really shouldn't.

Anyway, I digress.

You don't know me but I'm a lifelong Vikings fan. Such a fan in fact that I have the team's logo tattooed on my left ankle (closest to my heart).

One time, at a game against you and the Pack, I was so hurt by a game winning play you made that I gave a 9-year old boy wearing your jersey the finger while I yelled, "F You FAHV - RAY!"

Yup. That really happened.

So, you can imagine how difficult this letter is for me to write.

But Brett, I have no choice.
I beg you.
Don't leave. You complete us.

Sure we've been that team one victory away before. Sure we've been the guys who fumble on season defining plays and of course, we've lost 4 Super Bowls and 5 of the 8 chances we've ever had to get there.
Sure we've been that team.

But for 16 weeks and 65 and 1/2 minutes this season we were a different team. A team who actually believed we could get there. And maybe, just maybe we needed to learn that before we could win the big one.

So how 'bout it Brett? Beat the cynics! Demand the dream - come back.
One more season.
Right the wrongs. Up the downs.

Or at the very least give this 36-year old fan a tiny reason to keep cheering.

You see Mr. Favre, turns out it wasn't a championship that made this season magical - it was a story.

A story of redemption and return. Of letting go and starting over.

Real legends always go down on their terms and you provided a GenX Fight Song to dull the static gathering steam in our lives.

A bit dramatic?

But let's face it, in a world were last month corporations became citizens, Kennedy's seat was lost on opposition to providing reasonable health care and the vast majority of people are moving begrudginingly toward an uncertain future - for 60 minutes a week we still believed sometimes fairy tales happen.

And in fairness, what did you expect from a gal who was taught to believe a Coke and a smile could change the world?

So Brett, for the love of God and Green and Gold and everything else, one more season.

Not for the Super Bowl. But for the story.

The world, and this little Vikings fan in particular, could use a little sumthing' to let us know it's still ok to hope.
I beg you Brett, toss me a bone.

Pun intended,

Oh and p.s. When you do come back, make sure you sign the deal to make the commericial about this letter - it'd be pretty bad ass.

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